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The online marketplace for elite independent professionals, small businesses and top hiring companies.

The Cliq virtual office and engagement platform connects independent professionals with leading companies around the world – with no limitations. Cliq promotes, supports and empowers its members while attracting the world’s best hiring companies.

Welcome to a New Way To Work

40% Map of American Workers

of working Americans report spending time as independent workers during their careers.

75% of the 2025 workforce will be Millennials.

77% of Millennials recognize that flexible work hours are key to boosting productivity.

72% of Millennials feel more productive working from home.

65% of Millennials said personal development was the most influential factor in their current job.

Cliq has developed an elite talent
platform that solves two basic problems.

Independent contractors need a global discovery and support network that promotes their standards and expertise. Cliq provides these professionals with active skill promotion and on-demand engagement – and a path to higher income potential without geographic barriers.
Companies need the ability to discover fully vetted talent as well as rapidly engage and collaborate with ideal matches – off the books, and without limitations or transitional overheads.

27 million* working Americans are also doing contract work on the side—either by moonlighting or through diversified work.

Though this population still has a traditional employer, these side-giggers need a support network just as much as full-time independent contractors. Plus, their wide array of experience can be attractive to hiring companies.

Source: Upwork’s Freelancing in America 2015


Today, many businesses collaborate more effectively online than in physical office structures.

Cliq’s cloud-based virtual office and collaboration platform empowers businesses and individuals within the membership network to accomplish projects, while back-office automated processes ensure the proper execution of contract terms.

This evolved level of interactive discovery and on-demand collaboration cannot be found anywhere else, and the membership benefits of Cliq’s all-inclusive network are unparalleled.

Experience our Integrated Workforce Solutions, and you’ll agree.


Cliq network members gain access to global opportunities for independent work as well as the diverse, collective expertise of fellow members. One dashboard with multiple technologies powers collaborations that could not be achieved without Cliq’s disruptive approach.

Our independent professional members are not “job seekers.” They are elite contractors who appreciate career independence. We don’t recruit; we empower!

For contractors, Cliq utilizes the latest technology to provide secure, remote collaboration tools and back-office processes. In our all-in-one network, Cliq members are independent, but not alone.

Our business clients want availability, flexibility, reduced risk and significant savings. They need experts as well as the tools to collaborate with them.

For companies, Cliq matches your project with an independent contractor—eliminating traditional overhead associated with in-house employees, to save you time and money, while establishing unmatched resource flexibility and compliance.

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