Desktop & Mobile Virtual Office

Don’t be confined to a physical office. Cliq’s mobile app mirrors the desktop version and includes all the membership features – on the go!

Talent Pooling

What is talent pooling? It’s the ability to “pool” other resources and bid on larger or more complex projects as a team.

Global Skills Promotion

This benefit alone is what sets Cliq apart from other talent sites.  If an employer from another state or country requires your skills, your profile will still appear if you’re a match. No geographic limits! Cliq actively promotes your profile so others can find you based on your skill and experience.

Work From Your Home Office

HD video conferencing, screen sharing and PRO social messaging and chat are included in your Cliq membership. Cliq adds the shared project workspace, so contractors and employers can work virtually via the cloud – from any computer or mobile device.

Training & Education

The key to success is knowledge. Cliq has assembled popular training and educational opportunities for its members. Most courses are free to our members. Once completed, you can add the experience to your profile.

Auto Billing

Focus on what you do best. Leave the billing and invoicing to us.

Auto Payment Processing

Clients and contractors benefit from our automatic payment processing. Cliq accepts all major credit cards on your behalf, including American Express.

Pro Social Networking

Today, we all understand the power of collaboration. Unlike other networking sites, Cliq is focused on independent contractors and potential employers, and we give you the platform to share your voice. Cliq is the elite talent platform, with peer-to-peer communication included, and you are invited! This is your network.

Mentorship Opportunities

Become a mentor! Nothing is more rewarding than helping others, and Cliq gives you the opportunity, along with the recognition. Want a mentor? Contact us and we’ll match you with someone who will help you grow personally and professionally.

Referral Program

Refer fellow professionals to Cliq and earn money. We make it easy! Contact us for more details about our referral program.

Global Exposure & Reach

Your next project could be hundreds or thousands of miles away. Cliq will help you facilitate it without ever leaving the comfort of your home office. That’s the power of Cliq!