Access Within Virtual Office

Project privacy is paramount to Cliq members; but, so is convenient collaboration and functionality. Cliq delivers both with its private workgroups.  

Secure Data Hub

Cliq offers multiple layers of data security that run in the background.
Add password protection to your folders and files, so your private data is secure.  

Social Team Working Portal

Cliq is more than a virtual office platform, and more than an elite marketplace for employers and independent contractors.
Cliq is a vibrant social network of likeminded professionals.
We give you the freedom to share knowledge and ideas to help your business.   

Secure Project Drive

In addition to your private drive, each project has its own secure project drive with powerful search capability.

Photo & Document Libraries

Store photos and documents within your cloud-based virtual workgroup.

Wiki & Document Search

Let our search tools do the work for you. Find what you’re looking for – fast!

Create Your Own Talent Pool

Talent pools allow multiple members to join forces to tackle more complex projects that require diverse skills and experience.
These projects are more rewarding for everyone involved.

Create a Pro Interest

Create or join a professional interest group within the Cliq network. We give you the power
to create or join a community to interact, learn and share with likeminded professionals.