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Hiring Managers

Cliq is an online marketplace where top hiring companies can contract and collaborate with independent professionals in a virtual private workspace—without the overhead, saving you time and money.


In this increasingly gig-driven economy, CLIQ offers the reassuring benefit of fully-vetted independent contractors, allowing companies to avoid costly recruiting, relocation, on-boarding and residual overhead costs of in-house workers. In addition to our network of experts, hiring companies have access to a robust suite of professional productivity and collaboration tools at substantially reduced cost.

With CLIQ, hiring companies steer clear of costly turnover while benefitting from tax advantages and the added flexibility of on-demand talent.



As a hiring manager, you can leave the red tape to Cliq. We vet our members based on their past success and professional standing. You won’t find this level of proven and reliable talent anywhere else, and it’s all included in your membership.

  • Qualified skills search
  • On-demand interviews and vetting
  • HD video chat and screen sharing
  • Contract builder
  • Project management tools
  • Secure workspace creation
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Payment processing


According to U.S. government statistics, an in-house employee with an annual base salary of $75,000 really costs your company about $150,000 annually. (Data via Toptal.) We’re all familiar with the direct payroll costs of an employee, but the indirect overheads are much more impactful, and often missed in a typical analysis.

The average relocation package in 2013 was $72,627. Add recruitment fees, lost time spent on the hiring process, and residual overheads associated with an in-house resource—and you could save up to 45% utilizing a Cliq independent professional. These professionals come with far lower risk, plus the 1099 tax savings as a bonus.


Full-time in-house employees

  • Recruitment costs
  • Lost time spent on the hiring process
  • Relocation costs every 5-7 years
  • Payroll overheads
  • Operational/office overheads
  • HR and legal overhead
  • Time off and lost time benefits
  • Health and life Insurance benefits
  • Few tax advantages

Flexible Cliq Independent Contractors

  • Global, on-demand talent
  • Remote or in-house collaboration
  • No payroll overheads
  • No operational overheads
  • Reduced HR and legal overhead
  • High productivity
  • No cost to client
  • 1099 contractor deduction

Membership Benefits

  • Diverse talent at the ready. Cliq members represent a broad cross section of elite independent professionals, each one vetted and ready to hit the ground running. Experience just how far virtual collaboration has come.
  • Status compliance. Cliq makes it easy to manage your contingent talent as well as contractors. Our compliance algorithm ensures the status of your contractors through our easy to use Contract Builder, which drives all downstream processes.
  • All in one place. The entire engagement process can be managed via your secure workspace within your virtual office. Everything an employer needs to manage the work process and easily collaborate is included—even invoicing and payment processing are one click away.
  • Out-of-network talent search available. Cliq enterprise services will even search outside of our network for unique talent and experience as needed.

Cliq Membership for Small Business

The Cliq membership provides full access to online marketplace, plus your own private collaboration workspace and rapid faclitation services that save time and money.

$150 / month

What’s included?

Private virtual office portal with an entire suite of productivity tools

One-click calling and chat

News and social message boards for professional networking

One-click, high-definition video conferencing

One-click screen sharing

Document storage, sharing and intelligent search

Smart telephony and incoming call management

Automated milestone payments and direct deposit

Client invoicing and back office support

Convenient Click2Pay credit card payment processing

Talent pooling and group bidding

Training, development and education portal

Benefits directory and discounts