Independent Professionals
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Independent Professionals

Cliq is the online marketplace where independent professionals can connect and collaborate with top hiring companies in a virtual private workspace, empowering you to achieve true independence by exposing you to global opportunities. But membership in the Cliq Network offers much more…

Cliq empowers, supports and promotes its independent expert members who include exceptionally talented freelancers, recent graduates and established professionals. Membership comes with powerful collaboration and productivity tools at a fraction of the costs found elsewhere, and offers educational opportunities and training modules to enhance skill development and improve marketability. Plus, Cliq members can achieve greater financial independence, including higher income potential and guaranteed client payment. Cliq’s network of independent contractors and small firms value their independence and are eager to enhance their abilities through our collaborative capabilities.

Our professional members are not just job hunters. Rather, they are highly motivated solopreneurs and industry experts seeking to expand their skills and raise their public profile. Cliq provides a proven path to elite stature and promotion as members in our exclusive network.

Membership Benefits

  • Freedom to focus. Cliq gives you the freedom and knowledge to run your own business like a pro, without all the hassle and costly overhead. We support and position our members for success, so you can focus on what you do best.
  • Marketing and promotion. World-class SEO marketing and nonstop promotion of your skills, talents and experience. We serve as your personal marketing and advertising department, exposing you to global opportunities.
  • Global exposure. Bigger, better and more lucrative opportunities with major companies around the world. Our virtual collaboration technology empowers you and expands your reach.
  • Back-office management. Contract review, automated milestone payments, client invoicing and convenient Click2Pay credit card payment processing on your behalf.
  • Unparalleled service all in one place. With our powerful virtual network and culture of integrity and empowerment, you are not alone.
  • Secure data and storage. A massive amount of file storage and secure data exchange with your clients.
  • Incorporation assistance. Our incorporation assistance allows our members to connect with legal services that specialize in individual Incorporation – at a discount.
  • Referral program. A limitless, 24/7 opportunity to earn additional income through our referral program.

Independent Professionals

$15 / month

What’s included?

Private virtual office portal with an entire suite of productivity tools

One-click calling and chat

News and social message boards for professional networking

One-click, high-definition video conferencing

One-click screen sharing

Document storage, sharing and intelligent search

Smart telephony and incoming call management

Automated milestone payments and direct deposit

Client invoicing and back office support

Convenient Click2Pay credit card payment processing

Talent pooling and group bidding

Training, development and education portal

Benefits directory and discounts